Over the last 12 years we have assisted many clients in ensuring they are provided as much knowledge and information as possible in relation to what’s going on underneath the ground on their sites. The first step in this process is usual a Statutory Record Search. Utility Record Searches should be used as part of your due diligence process in land and property development and are an essential tool for anyone involved in the development of construction sites (however large or small) and highway projects.

We take the pressure away from contacting countless independent providers and then collecting and collating a multitude of different drawings and documents in order to try and make sense of them. We pride ourselves on the quality of output that clients ranging from private individuals to large scale main contractors have received and are delighted with the results. These searches are often followed by an onsite utility survey, however are a vital starting point that would be provided to our on site surveyor. They also enable us to identify additional information that would not be possible on site, such as:

  • Abandoned or disused utilities
  • Pipe sizes and materials
  • Cable voltages
  • And much more..

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Our prices start from £150 plus VAT for a basic survey, meaning you the client get the very best quality results at extremely competitive rates. In the table below you can see the scope and rates for our work. We are always happy to provide a quotation so if our service is of interest please fill in the enquiry form below and we will be happy to provide a fixed price quotation.


  • Search Utilities including: Electric, Water, Drainage, Gas, Openreach, Linesearch, IGTs and IDNOs *
  • RAG rating on vicinity
  • Available nationally
  • From   £150
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  • Everything included in Prime
  • Vodafone, Virgin Media and Vtesse optional extras
  • Full search of all utilities
  • Fully PAS 128 compliant
  • From   £240
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  • Everything included in Premium
  • Estimate cost ranges provided **
  • RAG rating on constraints and potential issues ***
  • From   £660
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* Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) & Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)
** For diversion & disconnection costs; excluding any reinforcement costs or new connection costs.
*** Includes cost rating based on our consultants experience/opinion.

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Team of fully trained and experienced surveyors, using the latest technology to ensure high precision, reliable and cost effective surveys every time.

Nationwide operation with satellite offices around the country, ensuring cost effective pricing and quick efficient services.

Free no obligation quotations – we are always looking to start and build new relationships. We are happy to quote even if its for comparative purposes against existing suppliers.

Professional and friendly service – where the needs of the client will always come first

Flexibility – we will always ensure the clients requirements are met in the time scales they require.

Over 40 years surveying experience

Quick questions

Prior to the commencement of a Utility Survey it is a good option to acquire plans from all the statutory bodies. This will aid the quality of the survey and may also flag up services that cant be located (for whatever reason.)

Some clients may not require a utility survey but may need to know what is underground. Redbox Surveys can source record information relating to the presence of existing underground utilities, this can then be digitised onto a Cad plan or simply made into one single document.

  • Ensure compliance with BSI PAS-128 Standard, Survey Type D, QL-D
  • Ensure compliance with HSE Regulations
  • Ensure compliance with NRSWA 91, HSG47 & CDM Regulations
  • Minimise planning and preparation time
  • Avoid expensive rescheduling
  • Assure that sufficient plan detail is available on-site
  • Provide quick access to utility company data
  • Remove the need to register for utility company data services

The suppliers contacted operate in the areas of:

  • Gas supply
  • Water and sewerage supply
  • Electricity supply
  • Oil and fuel supply
  • Telecommunications and cabling
  • Transportation and infrastructure, including:
  • Network Rail
  • Crossrail
  • London Underground
  • Transport for London
  • Tram networks

Utility Report can be used by a variety of people in a range of sectors, including:

  • Site and infrastructure planning
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Home-owners
  • Solicitors
  • Environmental consultants

Utility Report is useful in a range of scenarios, such as:

  • Ensuring staff safety
  • Legal compliance
  • Enhancing a feasibility study
  • Checking utility provisions for a new development
  • Planning a new build
  • Carrying out ground-penetrating works
  • Redeveloping existing property
  • Checking positions on-site
  • Providing a base for a physical survey