Land registry compliant title plan

Fully compliant registry title plans starting at just £95 in 24hrs

We can often produce fully compliant registry plans without the need for a site visit meaning we can deliver the results within 24hrs and with prices starting at just £95 plus VAT. If a site visit is needed one of our team of highly experienced Topographical surveyors will conduct the visit, again meaning an unrivalled Turn-key solution that minimises costs to the client and keeps full control of the project in house, allowing us to produce results in industry leading delivery times at industry defining prices.

No job is too big or too small

We produce land registry compliant title plans for a multitude of clients and many individual reasons. The scope of our service ranges from minute land acquisitions and boundary disputes in a residential setting to 20 hectare commercial sites and everything in between.

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What is a Land Registry Plan

When land or property is registered it is call a title register and a title plan. They support the property description in the title register by giving a graphic representation of the registration.
Land Registry requires that any plans submitted for either a freehold or leasehold of a property;

  • be drawn to and displaying the scale
  • display the correct orientation and north point
  • use a suitable scale (1:1250, 1:500 or 1:200)
  • be referenced to an Ordnance Survey plan
  • show a clear red line around the ownership

Correct Format

A compliant land registry plan is required for a variety of reasons such as new plots, initial registration and sales of part of a land parcel for example.

All plans are Land Registry compliant and are prepared in accordance with Land Registry Practice Guide 40. This means that the plan submitted will be in the correct format for acceptance.

Do we need a site visit?

We can either turn an existing digital scale plan or drawings into a Land Registry Complaint Plan, or alternatively if you don’t have an existing plan we can visit the property and produce a very simplified topographical survey showing the buildings and boundaries that will be fully compliant. This can then be used for a variety of other purposes; building management, fire risk planning and many more. If the site is a very simple site it is possible to produce a plan from ordnance mapping, however we can discuss your requirements with you free of charge to achieve the results you require.

What does it include?

The title plan will be prepared to show:

  • Land Registry preferred scale
  • North point
  • Subject site edged red
  • Site address
  • Relation to adjoining features
  • Other relevant information such as rights of way
  • Company Ordnance Survey Licence number

Plans are generally provided as pdf files, however they can also be supplied as autocad drawings if required. Paper copies of plans will also be provided.

Why choose Redbox?

Team of fully trained and experienced surveyors, using the latest technology to ensure high precision, reliable and cost effective surveys every time.

Nationwide operation with satellite offices around the country, ensuring cost effective pricing and quick efficient services.

Free no obligation quotations – we are always looking to start and build new relationships. We are happy to quote even if its for comparative purposes against existing suppliers.

Professional and friendly service – where the needs of the client will always come first

Flexibility – we will always ensure the clients requirements are met in the time scales they require.

Over 40 years surveying experience

Previous projects

Many of our clients are Landlords, developers, solicitors and land owners in both the private and public sectors, that repeatedly use our service, in the knowledge that with over 20 Years experience in this field, they are always assured of a service that will continually surpass expectations.

Grenfell Tower is a derelict 24-storey residential tower block in North Kensington in London, England, the remains of which are still standing following a severe fire in June 2017. Red Box Surveys were asked to produce a land Registry plan of the site by Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, and managed to turn the results around in 48hrs.