What is it?

At Red Box Surveys we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and accurate Measured Building Surveys – including floor plans, elevations, cross section surveys and reflected ceiling plans – to a wide range of clients. Our measured building surveys provide you with detailed accurate plans to the appropriate scale, quickly and efficiently in order to help you keep to tight schedules.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans provide accurate and detailed plans of a building’s layout and structure, which can then be used for a number of purposes. A typical survey would show all structural features including walls, windows, doors, beams, floor and ceiling heights. Onto this can then be added additional items and information including fixtures and fittings such as sanitary-ware, electric points, light switches and fittings, radiators and furniture. The possibilities are endless and the level of detail is only restricted by the clients needs.

  • Floor plans by definition represent a horizontal “slice” cut through the building at 1.5m above the floor level. The accuracy of measurements will largely be guided by the purpose. There are 3 specific types of floor plan:
  • An unconnected survey using simple methods which do not enable one part of the survey to be related to another. Its purpose would be for measurement of let-able areas on a room by room basis
    A semi-connected survey is where the ground floor is surveyed with all parts connected by instrument control. Other floors are matched by assumed verticality of common features.
  • A fully connected survey is where all parts of the building are connected by a common survey control network. This is the only method where the true vertical and horizontal relationships between floors can be ascertained.


Building Elevations can be carried out for a building façade or structure, such as a bridge. All features are shown, such as doors, windows frames, glazing details, roof details and surface mounted features. Like the floor plans the level of detail shown can be tailored to the individual clients needs. We can also provide street scene elevations, which are often now a planning requirement, and these can be done without needing access to the property. Using modern surveying instrumentation we are able to survey elevations remotely thus allowing ‘out of reach’ details to be captured. This is especially useful where health and safety is an issue ie unsafe buildings or for surveying street scenes including neighbouring properties.

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Reflected ceiling plans can be provided which show all ceiling detail at the same orientation as the floor plan associated with it. The amount of detail plotted on the plan is tailored to your requirements, showing ceiling features from bulkheads, soffits, tile grids and electrical fixtures to architectural detail such as mouldings and cornices. Using remote surveying techniques there is no need for our surveyors to cause disruption with ladders etc.

Why choose us?

  • Team of fully trained and experienced surveyors, using the latest technology to ensure high precision, reliable and cost effective surveys every time.
  • Nationwide operation with satellite offices around the country, ensuring cost effective pricing and quick efficient services.
  • Over 40 Years Surveying Experience
  • Full Member of The Survey Association (TSA) – Leading industry body.
  • Free no obligation quotations – we are always looking to start and build new relationships. We are happy to quote even if its for comparative purposes against existing suppliers.
  • Professional and Friendly service – where the needs of the client will always come first
  • Flexibility – We will always ensure the clients requirements are met in the time scales they require.
  • Turnkey solution for all your survey needs.

Need a Measured Building Survey?

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