New Scanning Methods?

Widespread use of laser scanning for surveying the built environment has made a significant step in surveying those otherwise hard to reach areas.

Yet there are still areas that remain inaccessible such as confined roofs and high buildings without the use of costly scaffolding and elevating work platforms, as well as large landscapes.

Latest Technology

Redbox Surveys uses the latest technology including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), mobile telescopic masts and piloted aircraft to survey areas which may be impractical or costly to survey with conventional technology.  The advantages of aerial surveys include reduced costs, increased reaction time and best value solutions when combined with the flexibility of conventional methods.

Range of services

Our aerial services include environmental, conservation and heritage surveys, commercial, industrial and structural inspection, with outputs of photography, photogrammetry and video.  Typical applications of the type of the work that we conduct:

  • Earthwork Survey – LiDAR equivalent output increasing resolution to between 1 – 5cm (LiDAR is typically 1m to 2m, or 25cm at best if available).
  • Historic Building Recording – Photogrammetric survey of historic structures, producing 3D models, elevation orthophotographs (rectified photography) and 2D stone by stone detailed line drawings.
  • Roof Inspection – Photographic, photogrammetric and/or video inspections of roofs and inaccessible areas of structures, eliminating the costs of scaffolding or risk to personnel working at height.
  • Topographic Survey – Digital terrain models, digital surface models orthorectified (orthophotos) mapping of large areas.
  • Broadcast quality filming and video production with amazing birds eye views.
  • Stripped Area Survey – Record detail of features in photo textured mapping of large areas, rapidly, resolution 3cm – 5cm.

Why choose us?

  • Team of fully trained and experienced surveyors, using the latest technology to ensure high precision, reliable and cost effective surveys every time.
  • Nationwide operation with satellite offices around the country, ensuring cost effective pricing and quick efficient services.
  • Over 40 Years Surveying Experience
  • Full Member of The Survey Association (TSA) – Leading industry body.
  • Free no obligation quotations – we are always looking to start and build new relationships. We are happy to quote even if its for comparative purposes against existing suppliers.
  • Professional and Friendly service – where the needs of the client will always come first
  • Flexibility – We will always ensure the clients requirements are met in the time scales they require.
  • Turnkey solution for all your survey needs.

Need an UAV Survey?

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a topographical survey, please submit the form below.